M&C Group South Africa (PTY) LTD (hereafter M&C Group SA) is one of the subsidiary companies under the M&C Group Investment Holdings Company with its headquarters located in Accra, Ghana and other offices in Hong Kong, China and Dubai. The other companies under the Investment Holdings Company include;

  • M&C Management Consult Ghana
  • M&C Properties Ghana
  • M&C Logistics and Trading Ghana
  • M&C Energy Ghana
  • M&C Finance Ghana
  • M&C Logistics & Trading dba M&C Group Asia

Our clients and strategic partners are represented by a mix of private, public, social-sector as well as international organizations, located within the jurisdictions of all our aforementioned offices. This strengthens our ability to help solve clients’ most complex issues and help them lead in the market where they compete.

At M&C Group S.A, we are focused on client impact and the increase in economic growth worldwide. Thus, we pride ourselves in attracting global attention by providing services that cut across most industries prevalent around the world.


We bridge the gap in the global business market by providing services in the following industries;


At M&C Group S.A we are able to add value to our clients by addressing management gaps in their businesses and organizations. Our standard of work is evident in the quality of clients with which we associate and the retention of such clients. We are able to collaborate with our international offices which have reliable experts in the services that we offer.

We proudly share in helping our clients grow their business at a rate that gives credence to their existence


Our focus for our clients is to remove the payment risk and provide stress-free business transactions. We are also able to accelerate the process of raising financial instruments and solutions for our multinational clients.



We act as a third party in securing funds for various projects. Our team is well-versed in the trends of growth in South Africa’s business environment as well as the other parts of the world in which we operate. Therefore, we guarantee our clients an unparalleled, universally accepted, world class service based on the assurance of guidance concerning the appropriate use of funding provided.


At M&C Group S.A., we understand that commodity trading operations can be challenging and uncertain so our risk management experts pride themselves in identifying the risk through the observation of our clients’ operations and provide the necessary information needed to make strategic decisions. With the help of our network of international commodity suppliers that are coordinated through our multinational offices, we are able to facilitate the purchase of products for both retailers and consumers

In our bid to realize this objective, every subsidiary listed above combines the power of consulting expertise, technical skill and mission knowledge to deliver results that meet the challenges of our clients and customers.

At M&C Group SA, we understand the dynamics of trading in commodities and their attendant challenges. The extent of this understanding galvanizes our risk management experts to identify the best practices to apply to our clients’ operations. This goes to ensure security, maximization of profits and furthermore makes strategic decisions come easier.

We are networked with International Commodity Suppliers with whom we co-ordinate, through our multi-national offices, the facilitation of the purchase of products for our customers.

In our bid to achieve better results, every one of our subsidiaries combines the power of consulting expertise, technical skill and mission knowledge to deliver results that meet the challenges of our clients and customers.